Experience higher levels of consciousness, dissolve life's obstacles, and send healing energy to the world as you journey through the realms of quantum energy with a powerful group of awakened souls. 

 We meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 9 am pacific / 12 pm eastern on Zoom.

become the creator of your life experiences

Tap into the infinite possibilities within you and around you, and manifest them into your physical life.

Change your circumstances and experiences with energy for consistent ease, fun, and fulfillment.


SEER is an empowering space where we explore advanced quantum energy and spiritual practices together as a group. 

We strive to enrich our daily lives, solve our stubborn challenges, and truly become the creators of our life experiences.   

We also aim to help raise the global vibration and elevate the collective consciousness.

Participants typically experience the following benefits:

  • decreased stress
  • greater self-confidence & self-esteem
  • more ease and fulfillment on a daily basis
  • enhanced relationships & communication
  • new pathways to shift their circumstances
  • greater understanding of their interactions
  • clarity and direction about their life purpose
  • improved physical, mental & emotional health
  • messages from their spirit, ancestors, Source, and Gaia




SEER is ideal for people who regularly work with spiritual and/or energy practices.

While we do some teaching and provide a safe energetic space during our gatherings, the journeys can unfold quickly and deeply, so having a strong foundation is important.

SEER is a true roundtable where contributions and teachings from all members are encouraged to enrich the experience of all participants.

Come as you are.  Listen or share.  All are welcome.



We explore relevant spirituality topics (see examples below). The discussions and journeys are led by three skilled energy medicine practitioners; Kristin, Katryn, and Sandra.

Each gathering typically has 5 components:

  1. Discussion of a topic with contributions from all participants.
  2. A guided visualization or journey led by Kristin, Katryn, or Sandra to further explore the topic.
  3. Background healing energy that is given by the leading practitioners and generated by our group field.
  4. Individual Intention Illumination, when you can focus on an intention for yourself.
  5. Reflections and Q&A

Before the gathering, Kristin, Kat, and Sandra set up a safe energetic space that supports our explorations.  The experiences are powerful and enlightening!



Experience new practices that take you deeper onto your spiritual path and leverage the boost from the "group field effect" to further your expansion. 

You can also rely on our accountability to each other to establish new, deeper spiritual habits. 


receive powerful healing for your body, mind, and soul.

Receive healing energy during the gathering to optimize your health and finally find the freedom you've been searching for in your overall wellbeing.

During each SEER gathering, we focus the group's energy on the intentions we hold for ourselves in the Individual Intention Illumination.



Katryn, Sandra, and Kristin have been joyfully collaborating on energy projects since 2021. 

Together, we bring more than 65 years of experience in over 30 healing modalities.  We also take several new courses every year in our quest to experience emerging practices. 

We love to take what we learn back to the SEER group to explore.


Medical Intuitive, Archetypal Healer, Sacred Contracts, Sacred Geometry, Personal/Family Patternist with Enneagram and Gene Keys, Medium


Grounding & Integration Specialist, Spiritual Mentor, Mindset Coach, Relationship Coach, Ancestral Healing, Energy Medicine, and Property Clearing


Quantum Energy Healing, Shamanic Practices, Soul Contracts, Intuition Medicine®, Reconnective Healing®, Energy Codes®, Bengston Method®

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where does SEER meet?

SEER meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month from 9 - 10:15 am pacific time / 12 - 1:15 pm eastern time on Zoom.

Wednesdays are a great day to do inner work!  A midweek reminder of our soul's purpose helps to disrupt the drudgery and distraction of our daily lives and is a great way to stay on our spiritual path.

What is the purpose of SEER?

The purpose of SEER is to come together to explore various spiritual practices, improve our lives, support each other's healing journeys, and foster a sense of community and connection.  We also aim to send healing energy into the world to help humanity heal, raise the global vibration, and elevate the collective consciousness.

Is SEER affiliated with any specific religious or spiritual tradition?

SEER is an inclusive and non-denominational group. While discussions may draw from various spiritual traditions and belief systems, SEER itself is not affiliated with any particular religion or organization. We respect and honor all paths to spiritual growth.

What types of practices do you explore?

Our group may explore a range of  modalities, from ancient teachings to emerging concepts from quantum science.  Examples include quantum healing, medical intuition, sacred geometry, Energy Codes®, Bengston Method®, shamanic practices, ancestral medicine, archetypal healing, Gene Keys, and more. We welcome members to share their knowledge and experiences.

Can I suggest topics for SEER meetings?

Absolutely! SEER encourages active participation from all members. If you have a topic you'd like to explore or if you're knowledgeable about a particular subject related to quantum energy practices or spirituality, we encourage you to share your ideas and knowledge.

Do I need prior experience to join?

Yes, prior experience with spirituality practices and/or energy work is required.  SEER does not focus on the basics of energy work and we launch right into our journeys using the foundations that we all already have in place.

If you are interested in learning more about the basics of energy work and spirituality, please contact us for recommendations for other programs. 

What can I expect during the gatherings?

During the gatherings, we engage in group discussions to share our knowledge and then practice together with a guided meditation or journey. Sharing experiences is also an important part of our gatherings.  You can also choose to receive the background energy healing given by the leading practitioners and generated by the group field during the session.

Can I receive an individual energy healing session?

Yes, Kristin, Sandra and Katryn all offer individual energy healing sessions outside of the SEER group.  Members can also offer their services. When you join SEER, you'll receive booking links and occasional discounts.

Can I use the tools that I learn in SEER outside of the group?

Yes, absolutely.  Not only will you experience new practices, but you will also learn how to adjust those practices for your specific needs.  Replays of the gathering are also available if you want to repeat an experience.

How can I stay connected with SEER outside of meetings?

We have a private WhatsApp group that you can join to stay connected between gatherings and ask questions.

elevate the collective consciousness and help raise the global vibration

Support humanity and the earth during "the great shift" in human consciousness and spiritual awakening. 

Send healing energy to the world as we collectively move into a higher state of awareness and understanding.


Have questions?  Email SandraKatryn, orKristin.